We are an ALL Volunteer non profit of combat wounded veterans that dedicates our time to help others.

We provide to any wounded veteran and any organization that supports wounded veterans of all eras the following:

​1.  Psychological Photography Services

​            This includes but is not limited to, photography classes, studio photography, event photography, under water photography, portraits....virtually                  any genre of photography with our specialty being psychological photography.

             Psychological Photography is a new genre of photography that we have coined and started the advanced work in the photography field. This                  work involves the focus on the disabled in a very specialized manner such as;                                                                                                                                   a. photographing individuals from a distance and never in their face unless approved by the client                                                                                       b. we do not use flash photography unless absolutely necessary and approved by the client                                                                                               c. being wounded veterans and disabled ourselves, we can easily communicate and create a better working relationship vs the non                                     disabled

                          d. we focus on capturing the things wounded warriors do not do like smile, socialize nor getting out of the home for events. Thus the                                   goal is to capture great smiles, socialization actions like high fives, hugs etc and inspiring action shots of what they are there to do                               e. we only focus on positive actions, we will never record or photograph you falling, being made fun of, crying, throwing up, etc, it is                                     100% positive and as inspiring as possible                                                                                                                                                                         f. we also ensure that we photograph every warrior doing every event so that no one person is left behind. So often media focus's on                                  the warrior that is most visibly disable and rarely captures those without visual physical disabilities. We capture everyone!​                                             g. we also will provide either a flashdrive or a website link to all the photos. Our goal is to provide those flashdrives before the                                             participants  leave the event, however, at times this may not be possible. In these cases we will get you the photos that night or                                       the very next day. At times, technology does fail and there will be times that it may take a few days longer to get you the photos.                                     We want everyone to have access to these photos as quickly as possible. Many warriors have PTSD and TBI issues affecting                                         their memories and it is so very important that they be reminded of what they are capable of doing on a daily basis 

2.  Sled Hockey - USA Wounded Warrior Sled Hockey Association (USAWWSHA)

             In 2013, we started a club group of all wounded warriors which evolved into the first all wounded warrior sled hockey league associated with                  USA Hockey and Colorado Amateur Hockey Association. We would like to create 20 teams around the country. We have 2 teams in Colorado                and are creating teams in California, New York and Florida.  Sled Hockey equipment is very costly and eats up most of our budget at $25,000                for one team's equipment and an additional $5000 for ice time

3.  Outreach 

           We strive to reach as many wounded veterans as humanly possible. If you know a wounded veteran who is not willing to talk to anyone,                        PLEASE contact us and allow us an opportunity to come to their home and talk to them and offer them an opportunity to meet other                                 warriors via the help from over 80 other non profits around the country

4.  Recruiting

            In line with outreach, we will help and partner with other non profits to get their event out to as many warriors as possible and recruit the                        specific warriors they need for their events. If you are a company or a non profit looking for wounded veterans for a special event, contact                      us and we can help!

5.  Advocation

           If a wounded veteran is getting the run around with the VA or another agency, we can help with political and upper echelon higher ranking                       individuals from the VA as well as Govenor, Senators and other Congressional Aids to help with your legitimate issue.  We have worked with                 several wounded veterans on the Caregiver Support Program with a successful ending. 

6.  Referrals

           If you are a wounded warrior in need of help in one form or another, we can help refer you to the right organization that can help you