Donations is the form of:

a. Camera Equipment from Camera Bodies to DSLR Lenses (we mostly use Nikon and Canon but will accept any brand)

b. Studio Equipment from Strobe lighting to accent light to back drops to tripods to reflectors/bounces etc

c. Gift Cards to use for travel needs such as gas, hotel, rental vehicles, etc

d. Air Miles

e. Hotel Rewards Points

F. Rental Vehicle Reward Points

G. Airline Credits

H. Camera body and Lenses Repair and Maintainance (at least once a year - estimated cost $5000)

I. Flash Drives (minimum of 4GB each) We donate over 5000 flash drives a year to each and every wounded veteran we photograph

J. We like to also provide 20 inch X 30 inch gallery wrapped canvas prints for the warriors to keep in their home. We roughly donate 100 a year at $150 each

K. Sled Hockey Equipment or Stand Up Hockey Equipment from helmets, gloves, shin guards, shoulder pads etc

L. Vehicle - we do transport wounded warriors all over the country to attend events or practice. Our current 2000 Ford Excursion is on it's last leg and are in dire need of transportation and help

M. Manpower and Time - we often put on events that involve the help of extra hands to fund raising help to marketing help to operations and setting up the events or making them happen

N. Uniforms, Shirts, Hats, jackets

O. Camera carry load bearing equipment from camera backpacks to photo equipment vests

P. Laptops or Desktops

Q. Software such as Microsoft Office Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Licenses

R. When in doubt, financial support using cash, check, money order, credit card, direct deposit, wire transfer

     We bank with Integrity Bank, in Colorado Springs. We have an account just for Sled Hockey and one just for                      photography and events. We have a relationship with the bank manager named Lisa is you would like to donate                directly with the bank manager. 

How You Can Help​