Nov 2011 – The Photo Sheriff was created which in turn switched to Project Wounded Ego


Mar 2012 –I ran into the wounded warrior that made us realize that we can save lives through photography


Aug 2012 – I met other wounded veterans with a passions for photography and started to bring them onto the team


Sept 2012  -We started teaching photography classes through Wounded Warrior Project

Jan 2013 - We hit a milestone of partnering with the 50th non profit that supports wounded warriors.

our history

I started Project Wounded Ego in 2011 after going through photography school and finding non profits not photographing their events. It was like a waste, because so many warriors with TBI and PTSD will forget that they were even at that event!


We can make the impossible possible just by believing that you can!


CPT (Ret) Brian M. Gliba


Wounded Veterans Do Have Worth And They Do Make A Difference!!


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Giving is more than just offering your help, it's making a commitment

Find out what drives us to do what we do.

Mission + Vision

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Meet Greg Archer, our Director of Photography

Greg is a Combat Wounded Warrior and was hit by an IED in 2008 that ultimately stopped his heart and was legally dead. He now uses his life to help and serve others.

Meet Dustan Brewer, our former Director of Photography and now the new Director of Adaptive Sports. Dustan was a member of the Special Forces with advance skills in photography. In 2013, he joined our Sled Hockey team and has grown to create the first all wounded warrior sled hockey league associated with USA Hockey and Colorado Amateur Hockey Association. He has created partnerships with the NHL and other sled hockey teams around the country.

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